{Noah: High School Senior: Twin Cities, MN} Traveling Photographer

Yep...I did this handsome young High School Senior's Photos in the Twin Cities, MN while I was out there shooting a wedding. What a FUN session!!! Talk about urban landscape...couldn't get much cooler than these spots in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Loved every moment with this sweet kiddo too! So polite, so up for anything & a natural in front of the camera. Check out his awesome shots & if you're interested in booking your High School Senior pics in your city & can finagle 4-5 other dudes {or dudettes for that matter) ...I'm IN!!! I love traveling & I'm always inspired by new locations. Feel free to contact me on my website or by e-mail. 

{The Weiss Family} Travel Session!!! Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

To say this session was FUN would be an understatement!!! Let me be honest for a moment...squeezing this session in during our whirlwind of a weekend was CRAZY, but I wouldn't have re-scheduled for anything! My husband & I attended Northwestern College (now the University of Northwestern) in St.Paul, MN back in the day with Kristine & Cameron (I won't say how along ago to save us both the embarrassment!!!.;)) We recently reconnected via FB (good ol' Social Media) & now it's become tradition to get an annual shoot in with this ADORABLE & HILARIOUS family! Needless to say Kristine is more familiar with Eden Prarie since that's where they live & I well...I trust her judgement to choose a location every time. We decided to stick with Bryant Lake again because A.) It's huge & B.) There are endless places to shoot. So I told her...let's meet in the main lot & fly by the seat of our pants. It's true folks...true to my nature to roll with the punches & be inspired as I go.

INSPIRED would also be an understatement! As SOON as I spotted the colorful canoes I was over the moon EXCITED!!! You see, I've always wanted to do a water/beach/colorful canoe/boat what have you session. Here was my opportunity! Now...you may think I'm teasing when I say this, but seriously you would've thought we literally planned all of this out because UMMM...hello, look at their outfits, now look at the canoes!!! Can you say Photographer's Heaven?!!! Like I mentioned in my FB sneak-peek post...EVERYTHING worked out like Magic on this night...the weather, the wardrobe, their smiles, their energy, the lighting, the sunset. AMAZING!!!

I just have one last thing to say...if you LOVE these photos & you live in MN...ask Kristine for my contact, because I would LOVE nothing more than to keep adding families to my trips & heck, maybe I could even stay longer than a weekend. LOL!!!

Enjoy a peek at this beautiful & vivacious family...

P.S. Don't miss the "dabbing"!!! =)

{The Weiss Family} Travel-Sessions (Twin Cities, MN) Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

It was so wonderful to catch up with these old friends from MN. My hubby & I went to Northwestern College with them many moons ago! So fun to meet their ADORABLE children in person & talk old times. =) It's always a bit intimidating to shoot in a new city (unfamiliar territory), but at the same time SUPER inspiring as a photographer!!! Once I found this hidden gem at well known, Bryant Park, I was SOLD. The lush greenery, weeping willows & amazing light we had on this particular evening was definitely from the Lord. Loved my time with this sweet family & hoping to make it an annual thing. Due to unforeseen circumstances & even an emergency (all my other travel sessions were canceled last minute) so I treasure this one all the extra!!!;) I'll definitely be back to the Twin Cities (as my hubby & I both have family in the area), but next time I'm hoping to play around in the urban locations and hope to catch up with some new families as well. Until then...enjoy a peek at our beautiful evening together!!! =)


         ANNOUNCING...Travel Sessions!!!

That's right, I've decided to begin offering travel sessions beginning in June of 2016!!! (that's next month folks). I'm sooo excited & I could hardly wait to share this FAB NEWS with ya'll. It's been in the works for a while now. Here is a list of some of the cities I plan on shooting in: Twin Cities, MN, San Antonio, TX & San Diego, CA. More cities may be added in the future!!! Wahoo! So, if you know peeps or are planning on traveling to these cities & want to hit me up for a special "travel session," contact me at CourtneyKae@msn.com for more info & to reserve your spot today!!! =)

PRICE: All travel sessions this year will be $200. Half is due upon time of booking.

THE GOODS: Each session will be 45 minutes in length & include 20 high resolution edited images on flash drive with shared copyrights at 1 fabulous outdoor location & wardrobe tips included. =) There will be 2 location options: rural & urban (Details will come with booking).

There will be limited availability for these "travel sessions" per destination. Contact me to book yours today!!! =)

Looking forward to seeing you all!!!