{Hayden's 1yr. Lifestyle Session} Colorado Springs Child Photographer

Oh my goodness…I walked away with such a high on this day!!! For starters, it was an absolutely gorgeous day…73 degrees, partly sunny, partly cloudy & no wind. A Christmas Miracle for Spring in Colorado in my opinion .;) I had the honor of photographing sweet little Hayden 1 yr. ago when he was just days old at a Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session & I have said it before, but I just feel so thankful & blessed when my clients choose to include me at their child’s 1yr. celebrations…whether that means capturing their son or duaghter’s milestone with a lifestyle session or capturing them devouring cake at a party. I love it all!!! Hayden was FULL of smiles, toothy grins & was 100% obsessed with balls; in particular, basket balls. To no surprise however; since his Ma-Ma is an AFA Women’s Basketball Coach!!! How cool is that? I guess Hayden tags along to the practices & games quite a bit…where no doubt all the players ooh & aah over him. What a doll. He’s genuinely one of the happiest 1yr. olds I have had the pleasure of photographing. Then again I say that a lot, so I must just have Happy & Awesome clients!!! YES!!!! =) Working with Blake & Erin at their first outdoor lifestyle session with me was a breeze…they were so easy-going, full of everyday conversation & followed my ques of crazy connection so well. I look forward to many more sessions capturing their beautiful little family.