{The Immel Family} Denver Lifestyle Family Photographer

This family always brings a smile to my face. I'm not sure if it's their southern hospitality or their easy-going, low-key, go-with-the-flow attitude, but they bring me an ease that is really indescribable. I had the honor of taking their maternity pics, lifestyle newborn pics & now little at 6 months old. Wow...I love getting to work with return clients & watching their families grow & change. It's such a special privilege. We shot on one of those unusually warm winter days where the sun had melted a considerable amount of snow (which typically is a good thing), but at Daniel's Park it meant a LOT of slipping & sliding like pigs in the mud. LOL!!! We had a few good laughs at the situation & made the most of the location. I still was able to capture some beautiful breath-taking images of Cynthia & Chris loving on their "little bug."

And that's a WRAP!!! I"m officially caught up for 2015. =) Yay...(insert Happy Dance)!!! Bring on 2016 photoshoots & current blogging.