{Kloe: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

2 things that are completely frustrating me: 1.) I have absolutely no control over the fact that it’s snowing on May 20th right now!!! 2.) I thought I was getting better at being organized & could keep up with blogging. Apparently I CAN’T!!!

Moving on…despite the yucky & depressing white stuff outside my window right now, I decided to pretend it’s warm and bring ya’ll back to last August…when I was actually sweating while shooting this adorable Senior!!! Meet cute Kloe!!! She is one of the most down to earth & genuine Seniors I have had the privilege of photographing all year. She’s definitely a tom-boy & I love that about her. She knows what she likes & what she doesn’t. She is so photogenic & I absolutely LOVE those freckles of hers. Truly a natural beauty. I know Kloe was a bit uncomfortable with showing her braces (which I totally get…that was my daughter for 1.5 years) & I’m sure Kloe is rocking a brace-free smile by now, but I told her…I loved her smile anyway, because it was true. When she smiled her eyes smiled too…they danced & sparkled.

One of my favorite things about her session was that she trusted me when I suggested this location. It was an old worn down gas station in Castle Rock that was abandoned but still accessible at the time. I discovered it with my daughter & made her my guinea pig before offering it up to clients. Boy am I happy that I got to shoo there a few times before they tore it down. YEP! Sadly…I went back as it was requested again & it was GONE. I wanted to cry!!! =(

We also shot in downtown Castle Rock because they have several areas that have that Urban Vibe we were going for…& they worked perfectly with Kloe’s outfits.

Personal Side Note: You know how I always have those “Courtney stories for you”…well this is one of those times.;) I was mid-session shooting Kloe when my flip-flop broke. Like COMPLETELY broke. Not fixable AT ALL. Luckily for me, Kloe had decided to bring ALL her shoes to her session so that I could give her my styling opinion, so she lended me a backup pair which I wore to shoot the remainder of her session. UNFORTUNATLEY for me, they were a size: 7…I wear a size 9. LOL!!! Needless to say I ended with a few new blisters. Ha!

P.S. This is NOT my first shoe story while shooting!!! I’m telling you guys…I could write a book on the things that happen to me while shooting. Ha-ha-ha!