{MY Sadie Noel} age:13

I don't post personal posts very often, but I came across this image on my camera while I was uploading a session from this past weekend & I couldn't help but pause and post about it. I asked her to stand by the window where there was a little natural light pouring in so I could check lighting for an indoor shoot I was about to do. It was an overcast day & I was shooting indoors & I always worry a bit because I ONLY shoot with available natural light. I don't mess with fancy flashes, bulbs, umbrellas. It's just NOT my style. Anyway...she hates when I ask her to be my guinea pig for these types of things cause I usually say "just 1 pic" & take about 15, but this time, I literally took one shot & this is it. I just love how moody & earthy and almost a bit of 70's vibe is going on in this image. Something about it struck me. Her relaxed (maybe slightly annoyed face. ha!). Just the simplicity of it. It's not my typical style...dark/moody. I tend to like light/airy/dreamy sun-filled images, but when THIS is your available light...it is what it is. Just had to share because I am a biased ma-ma & love this girl so so much!!! Sadie Noel--age:13.