{Nate's 1yr.} Rainbow Cake Smash!!!

So Alissa (aka: mom) & Iplanned to have Nate's cake smash outdoors originally, but with the big snow storm a day before, we knew we would have to do it indoors. This was somewhat of a last minute decision & even though we had wrinkled sheets, a busy (walking) 1yr. old & a room full of people watching on...we pulled it off without a hitch!!! Alissa was concerned about the lighting in her home, but all I needed was one big window to work with & it was golden!

Nate is one of the happiest babies I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is (like I said) busy, smiley & happy as can be. He even kept on his party hat during the entire session...something to which I don't believe I've ever witnessed before. The 1yr. matching personalized onesie with bowtie just topped it all off!!! Of course we took some before "portraits" of his adorable grin, then the cake was revealed & though he was slow in the beginning to discover the sweet treat...eventually he dove in full force & THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.=)

Though I don't typically stick around for clean-up duty...since this was an in-home session (the uplanned part) I asked Alissa if I could sneak in & snap a few of bath time. I'm so glad I did...because truly these are some of my faves!!! You just never know what can take place during a session, but if you are willing to roll with the punches; GREATNESS can happen!

Take a peek...