{Cousins} A sweet bohemian styled session--Colorado Springs Photographer

There are days that I'm completely 100% inspired by the world around me...fashion, hair, lighting, weather. I just so happen to LOVE boho style everything: dresses, jewelry, boots, vests, etc. So what could be better than taking two of my favorite people outdoors for a fun stylized boho session?!! Abby, is my 15yr. old niece & the brunette you probably recognize (my daughter, Sadie, who is 12 going on 30.;)) No, but really, both of these young ladies frequently get asked if they are older than they are. Maturity, looks, similar personalities when it comes to being responsible & level headed. I just love them & so glad I was able to make this session happen. These pictures will no doubt hold a special place in their hearts for years to come. =) Instead of rambling on about location, wardrobe, weather...let's just delve right into the good stuff: the magical photos!