{Sadie Noel--Greenhouse/Urban Session}: Colorado Springs Teen Photographer

Is it fun having a daughter that I can use as my guinea pig for new locations? Absolutely!!! We've already covered the fact that I bribe her with things. Ha! This little session required extra begging & bartering, but in the end she was really glad she did (like always...she's fine once we start; it's the getting her to say yes part that's a struggle! LOL!!!) 

I have been wanting to shoot in a greenhouse for several years now & sometimes you just have to wake up & say..."Today is the day." So, that's what I did. I had a few outfit ideas in mind for her, which may or may not have required a quick pit stop at Kohl's on the way.;) This mom likes fashion. Ha! It worked out to her benefit because she can use this dress to her 8th grade Continuation next month too! #winwin

Like I mentioned earlier, the ladies that work at Sunset Greenhouse are amazing. So friendly, so welcoming. I had called about a month prior for permission, but due to the outdoor weather conditions, there were no other shoppers in sight, so we had the place to ourselves. They said the place will be blooming even more in a few weeks. I may have to go back. If anyone has a daughter who wants floral pics done, let me know (I doubt I can get Sadie to go back AGAIN).

Finally, as we were driving out of the parking lot, we were nearby another spot I've always wanted to shoot...the funky/urban/gated bridge close to our friend's home. I asked Sadie..."You up for it?" She said..."sure, why not?" I love these shots JUST AS MUCH!!! We had fun  with the crazy high winds, honking cars & bicyclers in the area. 

I always love the outcome of our sessions & our time spent together. Thankful she's a trooper & hopeful for many more years to come with my sweet guinea pig. ;)

Enjoy a peek at some of our faves...