{Lucas James}--Lifestyle Newborn--In Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Technically these guys live in Denver (yes, I travel for an additional small fee), but when you take their engagement photos, wedding photos & first child’s newborn photos…of course you are willing to go ANYWHERE to capture their second child’s newborn photos. To say I love this family would be an understatement; they are AMAZING & I feel like I’ve known them forever. =)

When I arrived for Luca’s newborn photos…it was a gorgeous warm summer morning & everything just felt at ease. =) I adore In-Home sessions because they are so unique to each family. Check out a few more favorites from their session…

{Hayden Geordge}--Lifestyle Newborn--In Home Session

This family was expecting their first child & found me on NSM…it’s nice to know Social Media is working for me.;) We ended up being neighbors. #truestory. They live just on the other side of Highway 105 in the newest development…small world, I think YES. =) Which also made it super convenient when baby arrived for me to pop on over for their in-home session. So much fun to watch new parents. They were so excited to have me, they welcomed me into their new home, as did their big doggies.;) Needless to say they were head over heels for their new little addition; their son, Hayden George. Can’t say I blame them…he was certainly delicious.

Although I typically have clients send me a few quick snap-shots of their home before the actual session…I always do a brief walk-through in the rooms we talked about (usually the nursery, master bedroom, family room & occasional kitchen/dining/office) to see where the best light is pouring in. I am a sucker for natural light & even though you may not think your home has good natural light…trust me, I can find it. Every home does; it is just that some have more than others. That’s ok. I am confident I can make just about any circumstance work.;) I have had a few challenging doozies in my first years starting out my business. Ha!

This was another baseball loving family from the East Coast & so we had fun dressing Hayden up in a mini-jersey for a few shots. And of course mom has been dreaming of this day forever, so she has a few favorite purchased newbie outfits she may want to show off. I’m good with just about anything, but I always think a swaddled baby is & will forever be my favorite look. Obviously I want to make sure & capture tiny toes & fingers too…so sometimes during the outfit changes is when I sneak those in.

Feeling overly wordy today…(sorry!) Have a glimpse into their home & meet Hayden…

{Finley June}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I’m telling you guys, it ALMOST makes me want to have another baby because of all of the adorable baby names out there. I mean come on??!!! Finley June, Quinn Harper, Scarlett, Sloan, Sedona. Ummm…YEAH!!! But don’t worry, I’m totally kidding…I don’t really think a 14 yr. gap between kids would be much fun.;)

I met this family in June of 2017 & fell in love with all of them, in particular, the sweet little strawberry blonde oozing personality! =) We had so much fun just hiking the trails, playing games in the evening spring sun. I was thrilled when Jen contacted me about capturing daughter #2’s arrival. This family is just so darn adorable & down to earth; they are a real treat to work with.

Nursery details…lush, lavender heaven. I don’t typically like purple all that much, but this nursery is so tasteful it’s truly a delight to the eyes. Jen’s mom hand sewed the nursery bedding, skirt, etc. It’s just gorgeous so of course we had to get a few shots with grandma while she was in town visiting.=)

Watch out for the “sister” pics…they’ll just melt your heart!!!<3<3<3

{Quinn Harper}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Castle Rock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Aaaaahhhh…I was sooo sooo excited when Cassie contacted me to tell me she was expecting & ask if I would capture their newborn? I met Cassie & Brandon at least 5 years ago & we did a couple’s session inside the Garden of the Gods & on Mesa Rd. I remember how adorable they were & thought to myself…”they would make such cute babies.” Turns out, I was right!;) While catching up on their lives during their session, I learned it was anything short of exciting & busy... they recently switched jobs, built a house & moved & had a baby. Ha!

Little Quinn was one of the sweetest babies I laid eyes on this past season & I can hardly wait as they just asked me to photograph her 1 yr. Birthday coming up in February. There is no greater honor than being invited back again. I love when young families ask me to capture milestones for them…not only do I get to see their little ones grow, but I get to see their new additions & really build rapport with them (which is one of the things I love the very MOST about my job).

I was obsessed with the nursery they decorated for little Quinn Harper…from top to bottom they had wood signs, mountain décor & even a fabulous rug that read, “Adventure Awaits.” Which to me seems so perfectly fitting…so many wonderful adventures await both Quinn & her parents. Oh what fun!!!

{Natalie Ray}--Lifestyle Newborn In-Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I remember distinctly being nervous about this particular session as soon as I learned that these new clients lived in an apartment building. Most of my clients live in homes with big windows…so per usual, I lifted it up to the Lord & He delivered. Their apartment unit happened to be on a corner with gorgeous morning light pouring into their master bedroom & I knew immediately where I would be doing the majority of their session at upon arrival. Thank you God…you are sooo GOOD!!! I could probably write a book on all of the times God has answered my prayers about weather, lighting, clients, situations, etc. during my course of 10 years doing Photography.

This young couple also had a 2 yr. old daughter who just happened to steal the show & melted my heart. She was too cute for words & so interested in showing me all of her toys. Sometimes I use this tactic of “go get your favorite book" & show me” to sneak a few alone shots with just Mom & Baby or sometimes I end up using the book they bring me as part of my next set with the entire family sitting on the bed & reading a book. Simple ways to create “lifestyle” without having to work very hard for the shot. I remember she had a pretend camera & was taking pictures of her baby sister (whom she adored) & I like to think that maybe someday she’ll be a photographer too. =)

Some of my favorite Mother-Baby shots were taken in this tiny master bedroom…maybe it was the gorgeous light shining in, maybe it was that this new mother was radiating beauty from the inside out, or maybe it was that God answers prayers & totally showed up for me during this session in more ways than one. All I know is, these pictures speak for themselves. This family’s love for one another was so evident, it came shining through in every frame.

I say it a LOT, but it’s true…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capturing newborns at in-home sessions…something so personal, so intimate, so beautiful.

{Lucas Michael Nordstrom}--Lifestyle Newborn In Home Session--Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As I begin journaling sessions from almost 1 year ago I may not remember ALL of the tiny details (like exactly how old this newborn was during his photoshoot), but I DO remember how completely smitten his parents were. So completely in love from head to toe; it was beyond precious!!! From the time I entered their beautiful home, they began to boast of his grand entrance into the world, continued to ooh & aah over him while showing me his adorable nursery. They had not forgotten one little detail of décor & made sure to include all of his precious stats on a message board for me to photograph. I just adore seeing brand new parents with their new bundle of joy!!! It is simply a fleeting phase & one that goes by far too quickly if you ask me. But I love that I am their to capture these moments for people so that they can look back & remember all of the little things they may have otherwise forgotten.

*Announcing "HEART & HOME" Sessions!!! Coming January, 2018...

What are "Heart & Home" Sessions, you ask? Well...the combination of two of the very best things in life: your family & your home. Sure, I've always offered Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, but this is different. This is me capturing your family in the current stage of life you are in (whether that be with a newborn, toddler, elementary kids or a house full of teenagers) inside the cozy convenience of your home doing an everyday activity. I am there to document up to 2 consecutive hours of whatever activities you can strum up: baking a meal together, having a nerf war, taking a bath, playing family games, whatever it may be. I will artistically document a series of unposed candid photos that tell the story of your life in a narrative type way. The beauty of "Heart & Home" Sessions is that I am capturing simple, real everyday life just as it happens, the moments of family connection & love. Due to the nature of this storytelling photographic style, these sessions include: up to 2 full hours of shooting in/around your home, 50 high resolution edited images on a flashdrive, as well as a hardcover storybook with your favorite 25 images from our time together for $425.

*I will only be booking "Heart & Home" Sessions January through May each year.

Please e-mail me at CourtneyKae@msn.com to discuss ideas and options for your family today. These are going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait!!! I was inspired by my most recent lifestyle newborn in-home session when a Ma-Ma asked me to document them making breakfast as a new family of six here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2182625668433779&id=119087184787648 (I haven't caught up on my blogging yet, so go see it on FB).;) 


{Baby Scarlett} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This family oozes grace, love, peace, patience, kindness...ok, so basically the fruits of the spirit. But seriously though...I adore them!!! They are ALWAYS a pleasure to work with & are so mild mannered and easy going that the stress just melts away.

They just added their last & final baby girl...little Miss Scarlett Grace. She is daughter #4. Ahhh...I just adore baby girls & of course being #4 myself out of all girls...it definitely holds a special place in my heart. I could already tell them that Scarlett will probably be the spitfire, free spirit & a bit hard-headed, but then again I wasn't raised in the Winters Household, soooo maybe NOT!;)

This was such a fun session & the anticipation of Scarlett coming home from the hospital was nearly more than I could handle. She was in the NICU since she was a Preemie.

I knew capturing all 4 girls at once would be a bit of a challenge especially at these ages: 5, 3.5,19 months & 19 days. BUT...we pulled it off & it literally took us three adults (myself plus Kelly & Eric). Ha!

My favorite parts about these lifestyle sessions is capturing the sweet moments in addition to the chaos that ensues. BUT honestly, like I said, because they are the Winters; there isn't much chaos. Of course there are tears----- over who gets to hold Scarlett first. Yes jealousy exits even at age 3.5 folks. Ha! But what I loved was watching dad just swoop right in & wipe the tears away or swap kids so Kelly could gracefully explain to the other child she will get her turn. It was amazing & I'm sure to them it all feels very overwhelming, but as a by-stander I must tell them...they make it look EASY & GRACEFUL.

So excited for your girls to have all sisters...I know what a blessing that is & will continue to be!!! You are all so BLESSED!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture just a snippet of the sweet moments that will be milestones one day. Many blessings to your darling family!!!


{Newborn Baby Dakota Grace} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Hands down my favorite lifestyle newborn session to date. Not only was this couple so welcoming as I spent the morning in their amazing home with TONS of awesome windows & natural light, but it was different than any other in home session I've ever experienced. Of course I got their sweet pets, captured a yawn shot or two, but my absolute favorite part was when dad asked if I could capture bath time. Ummm...hello? YES!!!! I've always wanted to photograph this with a newborn & these images are perfection to me!!! I love the process, expressions & how real and raw it is. Everyday real life. This is EXACTLY why I love lifestyle newborn sessions in comparison to staged propped photos with baby always sleeping & looking "Perfect." Yes, they are sweet, do not get me wrong. I just love capturing what goes on in the first few weeks as a new family with baby...diaper changes, crying, bath time, rocking, swaddling, pets getting acquainted, learning to parent together, cuddles with grandma & grandpa, etc. These are the moments you will forget unless captured by someone (like me.;)). Telling a story with pictures. This is a gift that God gave me & I love that I can use this gift to capture forever memories for other families. If you are interested in a lifestyle newborn session for yourself or someone you know...contact me at CourtneyKae@msn.com to get on my calendar. I would LOVE to meet you & your sweet little bundle of joy!

P.S. Forgive me as I will be posting an excessive amount of images from this unique session.;)

{Newborn Baby Samuel} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This was my first time meeting Beth & Paul and of course baby boy, Samuel. They received a gift certificate from a family member for pictures after Samuel's arrival...what a great idea (of course I'm slightly biased.;)) It was so lovely getting to know this new family...hearing about their love for travel & seeing fabulous pictures in print all around their home. Beth is a photographer herself...cameras were lying around everywhere...LOVED it!!! Due to their passion for international travel Samuel's Nursery was decorated to the "t" with giraffe & elephant décor...you could see the love & thought that went into every detail...down to their picture frames actually filled (which was a first for me). Considering he was just 2 weeks & 2 days old when I was there...I was impressed to say the least. One of my favorite stories they shared with me was the sentimental value to the stuffed animals: lion, giraffe & elephant...which were all passed down in their family. From grandparents to Beth's parents & her parent's to her as a baby & now Beth is passing them on to Samuel as a baby & I can only imagine the tradition will continue. So special. Also they all have a love for travel, animals & photography...how cool is that?! Take a peek at our sweet time spent together...

{Benjamin--6 days NEW} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I just adore the Rosin Family! I met Kristin through another mutual friend/client & they have been loyal return clients/friends ever since. They just welcomed their third baby boy into the world on March 1st at 5:38am. Benjamin Jack weighed in at 7lbs. 13 oz. & 20 inches long. I happen to think he looks JUST like his brothers (already)!!!

I know I say this every time I do a lifestyle newborn session, but I really mean it. It's such a special honor to have families welcome me into their homes when their baby is so fresh & new and then just let me document their lives...especially during the early, crazy days or weeks when everyone is sleep-deprived zombies. Ha! But I so love it & honestly, I think they love it too. Why do I think they love it? Because the pressure is off them to have everyone look perfect, make-up on, house cleaned, smile (look at the camera), etc. Instead, its' more like...pour yourself ANOTHER cup of coffee, nurse the baby, play games with the older children, do what ya gotta do & I'll photograph it. The good, the bad, the ugly.;) Of course my favorite is sleeping baby, but do I always get that...NO. Is that ok? YES. Every session is unique & different and that's what is so special about these sessions. They tell a story & not just any story...YOUR STORY!!! Thanks for letting me into a snippet of your life Rosins...until next time. Get some sleep & everyone else, enjoy a peek at our time together...