{Puppy Love} Barkley Boy

We have had Barkley just 4 short months & we are so head over heels in love with this little guy!!! I'm gonna be honest...I'm sharing just a "snippet" of the pictures I take of him. It's kinda like having a newborn in the house again. We are all smitten & I clearly cannot stop taking photos of him. LOL!!! He's everything I ever wanted when I thought of having the perfect puppy...fluffy, doesn't bark, doesn't shed, super cute & all personality. We are all enjoying this puppy stage for sure...even Jori.;) He is super fun when we get home from anywhere...greeting us with a springy "jump" as big as you can imagine. Yes, kangaroo or pogo-stick like. It's hilarious. He's a bit of a "stinker" when it comes to competing with Bronx (our older black lab mix). They both love ice-cubes as a treat, so if either hears the ice-machine...they both come running. But Barkley waits for Bronx to drop his, so that he can steal it. Doesn't matter if we keep it fair...this is an everyday event. Barkley also LOVES the outdoors...we have taken him on many hikes & he loves swimming, running, climbing & usually comes back sooo very dirty. We are still looking for a good groomer; hence the shaggy hair in his eyes in most of the pics. Poor guy! Oh yes...one more thing...he LOVES chasing his tail. There are a few pics of this too!!!;) I just adore him so much...I had to share a few of my favorites with him from our "everyday life" with him.