{The Farrar Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

One of the most beautiful sunset sessions I've ever experienced as a photographer. The lighting on Sunday evening was absolutely breath-taking...especially as it dropped behind the foothills of the mountainside off of Mnt. Herman Rd. I couldn't shoot fast enough...wanting to capture every second of it's magnificent glory...thanks be to God!!! This was my first time meeting Amy, Justin, Arianna & Skyler. They were so much fun!!! Upon arrival I began to share with them a little about my style, how I am super low key & just want them to love on each other & be themselves .They said that was one of the reasons they came to me...because I capture people as they are...the real, the raw, the otherwise untold stories. The moments that happen in between "takes" if you will. That is exactly how this fabulous session unfolded. I gave little direction  & they just had FUN!!! I loved watching mom & dad with their girls; it was so refreshing to see their pure genuine love shine through for them...whether it was with kissing an "ouchy" or tickling them till they giggled out loud or a good ol' fashioned bear hug! Thanks for opening up & just being yourselves Farrar Family...till next time!!!