{Marli's Headshots} Colorado Springs Tween Photographer

Marli is Gracie's sister & another FAVORITE CLIENT, but like her sister, she's moving to TN too!=( I was so grateful to capture some more headshots of this stunner girl with a heart of gold before she goes. I've always told her mom how her eyes sparkle & dance. She is full of love & grace & beauty and I have adored all of our sessions together over the years. I wish her nothing but the best in her future...with dance, school, friends, new community, etc. I know you will do BIG things Miss Marli Here are a few of my faves...

{Gracie--3yrs.old} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Children's Photographer

I love this little girl like she is my own. Miss Gracie...I've been taking her photos since she was? I don't even remember, but it feels like forever. She is the cutest, funniest & spunkiest three yr. old you'll ever meet. Those blue eyes & blonde hair!!! Sadly, she & her older sister, Mom & Dad are moving to Tennessee this coming weekend! I begged them all to stay, but was unsuccessful.;) However, I was promised they'd see me during CO visits. So hopefully you'll see this face again, but for now...here is a peek at our sweet sunset session together...

{Charlie's 3yr. Portraits} Colorado Springs Children's Photographer

Oh my...sweet little Charlotte aka: Charlie was so much fun!!! I forgot how busy 3yr. olds can be. Charlie kept me on my toes with her many expressions, requests & by the end she was ready to go!;) But before that we had fun smelling & picking flowers, chasing her ma-ma, playing simon says, & multiple other games I may have made up on the fly. LOL!!! I met Jamie aka: mom & Charlie at one of my favorite mountain locations. I must admit as much as I love shooting here it is a very challenging location due to being SO close to the foothills...trying to guesstimate sunset. Anyway...Jamie had requested mountains because her sweet Charlie girl was born in Colorado & being a military family she wanted to make sure & capture the pure essence of this gorgeous state. I feel like this location is one of many that does just that. I loved meeting these two & capturing some precious moments that will surely not be forgotten!!! Oh & the rocking chair was Charlie's Great Aunts & a treasured heirloom that Charlie just adores...so it was a must for photos!!! Enjoy a peek at our Spring evening together...

{The Huston Sisters} Colorado Springs Family Portrait Photographer

Yes, these girls have braved ALL kinds of weather with me over the years...torrential down-pour (of course we rescheduled that one.;), hurricane winds, bone-chilling temps, blizzard. We have YET to have a perfectly beautiful warm summer day. Ha! I'm waiting, certainly we are overdue. Michelle; their awesome mama is always willing & trusting to meet me anywhere too. She gets her girls the most beautiful outfits & drives down from Denver. These sweet sisters really do love each other just like you see in the photos. One of the reasons I love working with them. They follow direction well, put up with my antics & are so so sweet. Here is another one for the books. Enjoy a peek!!! =)

{Gracie--2yr. Portraits} Colorado Springs Children's Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

Oh my goodness I almost missed blogging this session...I'm not sure how I got out of chronological order, but it would be a shame to miss this precious session. I love Gracie girl. She is the sweetest, most precious little 2yr. old I know. I really would take her home with me if mom, dad & big sister would let me.;) We met at Dirty Woman Park for a reschedule. This was the same location we took her 1yr. pics & we rescheduled last year due to weather too. Both times have benefited us, because the reschedule dates were GORGEOUS evenings; with truly magical light. This year she was clearly more active...running, spinning, splashing, jumping, dancing, chasing lady bugs, watching them fly away. She is such a smarty, she even told me knock-knock jokes while I took her photos!!! Unbelievable...I just love her so. Without further ado...here is a peek at our beautiful evening together...

{The Winters Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

This family is so beautiful inside & out. You can see it through their love for one another, through their patience, encouragement & positive outlook on life. I just love watching Kelly & Eric parent their three little beauties; what a precious testimony to God's love for us. Keep up the good work you two!!! On a lighter note...I truly value their trust in me as a photographer. I may have asked them to walk through tall, scratchy, poky, itchy rattle-snake infested (ok, I don't really know if there were rattle-snakes, but I did hear rattling noises) grasses to get to this beautiful location. One of my favorite little hidden spots, but I usually use it in the evenings for shoots, so hiking back in during the heat of the morning sun was a bit crazy. Plus add 3 girls under the age of 4. Like I said, these guys ROCK! No complaints, just smiles. We worked with the elements & created some beautiful images together if you ask me. Till next time guys...enjoy your peek! =)

{Owen's 3 month portraits} Colorado Springs Baby/Child Photographer

Meet Owen, Kyle's baby brother. He's 3 months old. Chubby & Smiley...just the way I lik'em. =) He is also part of the Townsend Family. So, just as we have been getting acquainted, POOF! He's gone too. =( I won't get to photograph this one growing up...watching his milestones like I did his siblings. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Enjoy some of his fabulous expressions & upon mom's request, we kept some of the anger/tears shots as well. Cause, let's face it...it's not all sunshine & roses...right moms?!! I also had to get a few with Owen AND Kyle and Dani (aka: mom). You'll all be missed dearly!!! Best of luck in Alabama!!! Please come back & visit. =)

{Kyle's 2yr. Portraits} Colorado Springs Children's Photographer

As I mentioned in my sneak-peek on FB, I will miss this little guys & all of his siblings and mom/dad as they just moved cross country to Alabama!!! Say What??? Yep, they are a military family. I always find it so hard to have military clients in the sense that I get so attached to my return clients & then after a few years most of them move away!!! =( I will miss this family dearly. They came & visited me often for photos & I loved watching their family grow & change. It has been fun and I can only hope they'll come back and visit me someday. =) This was Kyle's 2 yr. portraits and what I love about them is his myriad of emotions he displayed...from crabby, sad, shy to a phone call to Nona that cheered him right up. Then we even put on some Pandora and he was as happy as can be...plus some sweet tickles from mom (who always knows what's gonna work like a charm for each of her children). Enjoy a peek at our beautiful morning together at the gorgeous Ute Valley Park.

{The Murray Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

Our fabulous friends from MN came for a visit to CO & I couldn't let them leave without giving them the full Colorado experience & taking home some mountain memories with them. Let me just start off by saying...four boys; yep! Four sweet, spunky & cute boys. I loved every second of their session...from running in the tall grass, to jumping off the cattle shoot (which may or may not have turned out very good. Ha! We have to work on "our timing.") to digging in the dirt & catching rolly-polly's. Boys are different than girls...duh! But I feel like Megan is the perfect mama to these boys & Dan, a patient, hands-on dad. I just loved watching this family interact with one another, love on one another, tease one another, respect one another, have fun together!!! So much energy & so many different personalities. It's really a cool "job" that I have (if I can even call it that) to stand back, get perspective & soak it all in. I just love big families. Here is a glimpse at their Colorado Experience...

P.S. Minnesotans...if you like what you see, remember, I am headed out there THIS weekend (June 11th/12th) & I would love to tell your family story in pictures in your very own CITY. Contact me for more information if you're interested...it's not too late to grab a spot! CourtneyKae@msn.com.

{Siblings: Zoe & Auggie} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Children's Photographer

Well, what can I say? I have been photographing this family since Zoe was a baby...so I'm kinda sorta attached. =) I love that we can literally pick up where we left off last & have a great time. These two siblings are always up for an adventure with me & that's exactly what we did on this beautiful spring morning. Ran in the open green grass, sat under the swoopy branches, walked through the forest & played in the creek. Life is simple & sweet at times & one of the many reasons I love my job...getting to view it through the eyes of a child (or in this case, children). Oh & just to clarify...Zoe & Auggie are extreme opposites. Zoe is social, outgoing & talkative. Auggie is quiet, shy & introverted. Here is a peek at a few of my favorites...enjoy!

{Kyle's 18 month portraits} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Children's Photographer

This was such a fun session!!! Always is with Mr. Kyle...I've been taking pics of him since he was a newborn because his mama LOVES photos!!!=) This was our second attempt at getting in this session since the first time it was about 2 degrees outside & NOBODY was happy about it (especially myself). So glad we waited because this past Saturday morning was beautiful...warm, sunny, perfect. We met at Fox Run Park & just let Kyle do his thing. A few tiny props, but other wise at 18 months & shooting lifestyle I find it purely enjoyable to just chase them around & watch them do their thing. In Kyle's case we saw...smiles, cries & every mood in between. I should probably add that ma-ma brought heart shaped suckers & her iPhone; BOTH were a huge hit!!! =) I know his ma-ma wasn't anticipating being in any photos, but since Kyle is a Ma-Ma's boy & was wanting to be in her lap MOST of the session, I saw it as an opportunity to capture some sweet candid moments between Ma-Ma & her baby (for just a little while longer). As you can see in the photos, Dani (ma-ma) is expecting baby #4 in a few more weeks. It just so happen to work out that she was coordinating with Kyle in blue. I think another boy, but her only daughter at home says GIRL. Anyway...here is a peek at our time spent together...

{The Gale Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

This was my first time meeting & photographing the sweet Gale family & my were they darling. I just adored them & their genuine love for one another. They also brought along their newest addition; they're sweet chocolate lab puppy...oh, talk about cute!!! I love puppies...who doesn't? We met in the evening just before sunset at Rock Ledge Ranch on what turned out to be a very beautiful, but particularly busy evening...which is pretty common for R.L.R. as of the last few years. It forced me to shoot in new locations, new hidden spots & you know what...I loved this entire session. Sometimes that's all ya need is a little push to try new things, venture outside the box. Yay!!! I'm thankful for that busy evening with these great folks. Here is a peek at what we were up to...

{The Rothe Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

Cute, cute, cute is how I would describe this darling family of five. The Rothe Family have been coming to me for about 4 years now & they keep adding boys!;) Kristen is one of the sweetest & most darling moms I have ever met. I just adore how she styles these boys in bow-ties in cool pastels for our sessions...they always look so darn cute! She is also so detail-oriented that she makes it easy on me...remembering to bring props she wants to incorporate in her sessions from chalkboards & balloons to red wagons & chairs. She's also a smart ma-ma on the treats/bribes...she knows what it takes to get some good smiles (at times). Her & Chris chose to do their session at the Garden of the Gods this summer & when she explained to me what she imagined for her session, I knew the perfect spot. It was dreamy & not as busy (since it is tourist season in the middle of summer). I just love how the pics turned out. Can't wait till our next session together Rothe Family!!! =)

{The Livingston Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

I used to attend MOPS with Kara many, many years ago & so I can't tell you how special it was to reconnect with her during our photoshoot & see her lovely family. This was another unique session as they had asked me to take pictures on their 5 acre plot they had recently purchased. I was beyond excited...this is the kind of stuff that inspires me. If it has meaning to my clients, it shows in their every photo & it has meaning to me. They showed me all their special spots & where they plan on building their dream home someday. We had the most magical summer sunset & watching their girls dance, twirl and giggle while the sun dropped behind the eastern plains was unbelievable. I loved every minute from exploring through the rocky bluffs to catching lady bugs in the valley below. The love this family has for one another was beautiful.

{The Hause Family} Colorado Springs Family Lifestyle Photographer

Adore this family & feel blessed that they return to me every fall. I love watching their little one grow & now they've just added a new addition in the last few months. Cannot wait to meet her next fall. This session was specifically special as it was documented on their property; which was nothing shy of breath-taking!!! We pretty much let Lexi rule the roost since ya know...she's 2.;) I had a blast watching her giggle & laugh on the tire swing, sit on her sized bench, splash in the Jacuzzi hot tub & climb on the big rocks in the backyard. What a little cutie pie she is & I can only imagine how fun it is to watch her as a big sister now. Enjoy a peek at our peaceful summer evening together...

{Evelyn & Norah} Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer

Two of the sweetest sisters you'll ever see. I took these dolls out to a crazy open field at sunset with their mama...pulled out a blanket & just kept clicking. They were angels. All smiles. No lies. These two made me want to have more babies. So stinking cute & the little baby voices....ahhh, I miss that. Just sayin'... Enjoy a peek at our evening together...

{The Hammond Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

What a joy it was to photograph such darling kiddos!!! I mean...seriously, would you get a load of those blonde curls!!! Oh my! Such a doll & so much personality. Ahh...I just love my job!!! I get to meet so many great people with big hearts from all over the country (often times grandparents are visiting, etc. though I wouldn't mind traveling with my photography (someday)). We met on a beautiful summer evening at Dirty Woman Creek Park & it was a perfect evening...the sun was out, the creek was flowing, the grass was green & the kids were HAPPY!!! What more could a photographer ask for? I loved watching these cousins love on one another & enjoy their time with their grandparents. Such little "lovies." So much affection all around...I even got hugs...HELLO!!! I hope these pics brighten your day as much as they did mine. =) Enjoy...

Source: www.ckephotography.net

{Maya & Mali} Colorado Springs Children's Photographer

I love working with these girls...not only are they gorgeous (I mean look at that skin & those eyes), but they dance, sing, act & model. Super talented & Super sweet. These were taken downtown in the Warehouse District of Colorado Springs with just the right amount of light & no rain. YAY!!! The girls had just gotten back from a family vacation in Mexico & so they had that sun-touched skin & glow that made editing a breeze. They are nearly SOOC (straight out of the camera). I am obsessed with that bright pop of yellow on Maya & that darling, sweet floral romper on Mali was perfect too. Of course we ended with some dance shots...because these two are about as cute & "flexible" as they come. Enjoy a few pics from our evening together...