{Marli's Headshots} Colorado Springs Tween Photographer

Marli is Gracie's sister & another FAVORITE CLIENT, but like her sister, she's moving to TN too!=( I was so grateful to capture some more headshots of this stunner girl with a heart of gold before she goes. I've always told her mom how her eyes sparkle & dance. She is full of love & grace & beauty and I have adored all of our sessions together over the years. I wish her nothing but the best in her future...with dance, school, friends, new community, etc. I know you will do BIG things Miss Marli Here are a few of my faves...

{My headshots}

I had these headshots taken 3 years ago (yikes!) I don't know why I waited so long to show them off. They were taken by my friend & talented entrepreneur, Kimberly Pellegrino (@ Modern Nest Studio...can be found here: http://www.modernneststudio.com/ ). I look through them now & love them ALL (each for a different reason). Not that I didn't love them 3 years ago, I just think we tend to be more critical of ourselves in the present. Now that I am 3 years older (ha!) I truly appreciate each & every pose. Thanks Kim for doing an awesome job, but it may be time for an update (unfortunately). So...here is my personal post for the day. An inside peek: me on the other side of the lens.

{Kim} Colorado Springs Professional Headshots

Kim Lane, well known local realtor for ERA, asked me to update her headshots for her business card. She also used to be my neighbor. Oh my goodness, we had a good time shooting these...seriously never laughed so hard. As you can see she has naturally gorgeous curly, red hair & well...she was going crazy about it that morning. "Ack...my hair" she kept ranting, but to be honest with you, I thought it looked stunning. I tweaked it in Photoshop as requested, but I don't think it needed it.;) When you are as outgoing, fun & sweet as Kim, it's hard not to love this gal. Anyway, here is a peek at a few of my favs!!!

{Richy} Denver Professional Headshot Portrait Photographer

Richy happens to be brother's of a good friend of mine from a small group at our old church. Yes, small world connections is totally how I stay in business & I am so thankful for word of mouth referrals!!! This is the third time I've had the honor of taking Richy's photos, but the first time for headshots & like MOST guys I know...not their favorite thing in the world.;) He did great & agreed it was pretty painless by the end of our short 20 minute session. Thanks for being a good sport Richy...you were easy & we captured some real professional shots.