{Faith: CSCS High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I remember Faith so well...she was a girl after my own heart...lover of fashion & shoes. Oh yes...she showed up with the cutest wardrobe & accessories to boot! Pretty sure we connected immediately over the fashion & the rest was history.;) It was a chilly, overcast day, but she ROCKED her session regardless. She started out quiet & timid, but ended strong & confident. I love your sweet smile & disposition Faith & I know God has BIG plans for you!!! One more thing...she attends CSCS, where I went to High School, so we obviously connected over that too. Pretty cool. =)

{Marli's Headshots} Colorado Springs Tween Photographer

Marli is Gracie's sister & another FAVORITE CLIENT, but like her sister, she's moving to TN too!=( I was so grateful to capture some more headshots of this stunner girl with a heart of gold before she goes. I've always told her mom how her eyes sparkle & dance. She is full of love & grace & beauty and I have adored all of our sessions together over the years. I wish her nothing but the best in her future...with dance, school, friends, new community, etc. I know you will do BIG things Miss Marli Here are a few of my faves...

{Gracie--3yrs.old} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Children's Photographer

I love this little girl like she is my own. Miss Gracie...I've been taking her photos since she was? I don't even remember, but it feels like forever. She is the cutest, funniest & spunkiest three yr. old you'll ever meet. Those blue eyes & blonde hair!!! Sadly, she & her older sister, Mom & Dad are moving to Tennessee this coming weekend! I begged them all to stay, but was unsuccessful.;) However, I was promised they'd see me during CO visits. So hopefully you'll see this face again, but for now...here is a peek at our sweet sunset session together...

{Sebastian--6months} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Baby/Child Photographer

Nothing brings me greater joy than having a family come back to me over & over again and watching their family grow & change. I had the honor of taking Sebastian's Lifestyle Newborn Session this past January in Denver and NOW his 6 month portraits. Where does time go? I ask myself that daily!!! What a sweet, smiley little guy Sebastian is. I loved watching him sit up tall & attempt to crawl with this proud look on his face...then laugh & giggle at his mama with eyes so wide. He's also in the beginning stages of teething so I loved capturing some of the drool that accompanies it.;) He last a full 30 minutes with not a single fuss. What a precious little blessing. I hope I get to see him at his 1yr...another fun milestone. Here is a peek at our simply sweet summery session at the Red Barn...(don't you just LOVE all those "S's" ;))

{Kirsten--Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Kirsten has one of the most contagious smiles I have ever seen. True, genuine sweetness with dimples & sparkly dancing eyes that will light up a room. I met her & her mom up at the Red Barn near Castle Rock on this sunny, windy morning. I immediately began chatting up a storm...it was apparent my coffee had done the trick.;) Unfortunately I needed all the coffee & sleep I could get last week as I was battling the nastiest cold I have ever had in my 38 years. I mean, hands down...awful. I felt terrible blowing my nose ever 30 seconds during her session, but she was so polite & understanding. I powered through a busy week of sessions with the Lord's grace/strength. I was delighted by the numerous shots I fell in love with from Kirsten's session. The colors were just starting to pop & it was so fun to catch glimpses of that in her photos. Here is a peek...