{Lauren: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

"Redheads are God's way of giving the world roses.--Author Unknown. 

Meet Lauren. She's a fiery red-head that loves drama, colors & wants to pursue acting/modeling. Lauren chose Manitou Springs as her location which was so fitting to her wardrobe choices & fiery personality. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with Lauren & her mom. So easy to communicate with & once she warmed up, I do believe she was loving every second of her session. I mean, who doesn't love to feel like a super model for a day? Lauren ROCKED her every frame, every outfit, every back-drop. She was super inspiring to my coffee-hyped morning with her. Ha! Take a peek at the magic...

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior (part 3) Colorado Springs High School Photographer

You starting to recognize this face? It's because Abby is my niece & because I probably took a gazillion & one photos of her over the course of last summer. LOL!!! That's what you do when you're family.;) Plus she's pretty darn cute & likeable. Ha!

This was our part 3 of her Senior Pics. For these we decided to go to a coffee shop (specifically Fifty-Fifty Coffee-House because I know the owners (some of my fav. clients) & I happen to love their coffee & shop. Abby wanted some shots of her sipping coffee & writing, since she'd like to move to Paris someday & become a writer. We ALMOST brought her vintage type-writer along, but oh my gosh...it weighs a small TON!!! Ha! The next stop was Manitou Springs to show off her playful/whimsical side. LOVED her tulle skirt & oversized balloons. We had way too much fun (except the part where it was a Saturday during tourist season & I stood in a parking spot to save it for my sister for what felt like 20 minutes & got lots of dirty looks.) Oops!;) #sorrynotsorry

{The Howard Family} Colorado Springs Family Photographer

So, what can I say about this family other than they are super photogenic & the camera LOVES them!!! Fairly certain they cannot take a bad photo to save their lives! I love my job because I get to work with wonderful, sweet, professional people like the Howards. Enjoy a glimpse into our fun session in Manitou Springs this year!!! Gotta love me some URBAN!;)

{The Nagy Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

I don't get the request for an urban session very often so when I do, I get super excited!!! The Nagy Family chose to have their family session in the heart of Manitou Springs at the Penny Arcade. Always a good choice. I love the vibrant & eclectic colors, the energy, the vibe!!! And it just seemed fitting for this fun family with their sense of fashion & style...tats & purple hair. I love it!!! Not everyone can pull that off, but this family certainly can. Way to ROCK your session Nagy Fam. Here is a peek at our sunny summer morning together...