{Noah: Pine Creek High School Senior}--Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Oh Noah!!! You were such a stud & also a gentleman during your Senior session…I really adored working with you & your mom. Not only did we stumble upon some great locations during your session, but I’m pretty sure you mastered the “smolder” too! Ha! Your mom & I had you overthinking it a few times…so sorry for ALL OF THE DIRECTION. LOL!!! You were a good sport & I was obsessed with the outfit choices you came up with. Nice work!!!

Sometimes I think there is a misconception of shooting males vs. females. That males are boring & don’t like having their photos taken. Although this may be true in some instances…this was most certainly NOT the case with Noah…he was anything but the stereotypical “male” during his photoshoot. Loved every minute of this session. Take a peek & you’ll quickly see WHY. Noah knows how to “work” the camera.;)

{John: Doherty High School Senior}--Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Yes, I photograph guy Seniors too!!! Meet John…I had the honor of taking his two older sister’s Senior Pictures in previous years & loved that I got to make it a family ordeal. =) John was soooooo much fun to work with!!! I can’t emphasize that enough. He was totally up for ANYTHING & I love when my clients trust me during posing, locations, ideas, etc. John was totally getting into it by the end of his session & his comfortability level shows in his photos. I just LOVE how they turned out. After this session’s sneak-peek was posted…ALL of his guy buddies contacted me over the summer. LOL!!! Guess they all wanted to look as studly as John.;) Take a peek at his Urban Senior Session…

{Maddison: Air Academy High School Senior}--Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks mainly due to not having home internet for a while (ugh…talk about a pain in my tushy)!!! So, I’m back at it on this LONG (Daylight Savings) MONDAY!!! So sleepy, but trying to get caught up & wanted to post a few of my favorite Senior sessions from last summer. This was Maddison…gorgeous & shy (at first) with the most amazing hair EVER!!! We had so much fun connecting on so many different levels. We started in downtown Colorado Springs for some urban spots & ended at the Nature & Discover Center so we could get in shots of that amazing stone bridge where she daringly dipped her toes in the ice cold water. Eeeeek! Braver than I.;) Obsessed with so many images from her session. Take a peek at our summer morning together…

{Kendall: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs/Monument Senior Photographer

Kendall had me at hello. =) No, seriously though...loved working with this girl. She has a heart of gold. She is genuine, nurturing, and has the most amazing contagious smile you've ever seen. I adored her mom & sister who tagged along. We had gorgeous weather, fun new inspiring locations & all around the most amazing time. I always tell my Seniors, you make me feel YOUNG AGAIN, but it's soooo true! I just connect with this age group. And as my own daughter gets older & will be attending Palmer Ridge herself next year as a Freshman (whoah...just had a freak out moment as I typed that!!!) it just gets more real & more relatable for me. Kendall was such a joy to work with, if I can even call it "work." I love my job & I love my clients. She texted me pics of her outfits in advance which always helps me determine backdrops, especially for the urban portion of the session, but sometimes with rural too. The weather on this spring morning was unbelievable as were the smiles & laughter. My favorite sets of Kendall are definitely in the simple blue dress as they highlighted her eyes. Cannot wait to hear which college you choose to study nursing at...you will be amazing at it. Best of luck during your Senior year. Go get'em girl!!! Take a peek...

{Megan: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs Senior Photographer

When I talked to Megan on the phone about her Senior session, she knew exactly what she wanted, what she was going to where & generally speaking, where she wanted them. Together we collaborated & came up with a plan. I was mostly excited that I got to shoot a Senior session in the SPRING & that I was able to capture the cherry blossoms before they were gone. I have been dying to shoot them every season, but ALWAYS miss them...so this was a treat! Megan was so easy to work with, took direction well, rocked her outfits & we had amazing weather. To say this was a great start to Senior season would be an understatement. I love that these images display the wide variety of Megan's personality from bright & colorful, to tough & strong (she also happens to work at City Rock & is an avid Rock Climber) to her soft & feminine side. Take a look for yourself. Here's a peek at some of my favorites...

{Gage: Lewis Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Photographer


Gage...a real cutie! I think I've been saying that about this young man since I first met him 5 or so years ago. His family are our friends & my husband's co-worker. My daughter may have had a crush on him at one time (shhhhh....). I knew working with Gage would be cake-walk. He's a natural & has one of those contagious smiles that light up a room. Now...getting him to smile was going to be a little trickier. I know I've probably mentioned before, but guys don't LOVE having their photos taken. BIG SUPRISE!!! So it's my job to figure out what it's going to take to make them feel comfortable, natural & laugh. What's funny? I am. In all seriousness though...God uses me to make a complete butt out of myself to make others laugh. This is true. Not intentionally. I just happen to be super clumsy while shooting...mainly because I'm looking through the lens of the camera & not paying attention to what's going on around me. LOL!!! But because of these unplanned happenings, I typically can make just about anyone laugh, let alone smile. So...I just have to be quick with the camera during those moments of tripping, getting stung by a bee, falling in a cactus or losing a shoe in a lake. YEP...these are all true stories of events that have actually happened to me while shooting during sessions. No lie!!!

I should probably also note, I don't ALWAYS want a smile...in fact, with Senior guys *unless a smile is true to their personality* I will take a lot of serious/macho/masculine looks...because they ALL like that. Ok, well most of them.!;) More on Gage...here's a peek at his unique downtown CS Senior Session...



{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior (part 3) Colorado Springs High School Photographer

You starting to recognize this face? It's because Abby is my niece & because I probably took a gazillion & one photos of her over the course of last summer. LOL!!! That's what you do when you're family.;) Plus she's pretty darn cute & likeable. Ha!

This was our part 3 of her Senior Pics. For these we decided to go to a coffee shop (specifically Fifty-Fifty Coffee-House because I know the owners (some of my fav. clients) & I happen to love their coffee & shop. Abby wanted some shots of her sipping coffee & writing, since she'd like to move to Paris someday & become a writer. We ALMOST brought her vintage type-writer along, but oh my gosh...it weighs a small TON!!! Ha! The next stop was Manitou Springs to show off her playful/whimsical side. LOVED her tulle skirt & oversized balloons. We had way too much fun (except the part where it was a Saturday during tourist season & I stood in a parking spot to save it for my sister for what felt like 20 minutes & got lots of dirty looks.) Oops!;) #sorrynotsorry

{Lauren: Spectrum High School Senior} Colorado Springs Senior Portrait Photographer

Lauren is yet another gorgeous niece of mine who also happens to be a High School Senior next year. She lives in MN, but wanted the CO mountains as her backdrop, so while her & the fam were out visiting in early June, we made some time to capture this big milestone. We had a blast together because DUH! she's like my #spiritanimal. LOL!!! Seriously though...my sister & I joke that we got the wrong kids. Lauren is like me in so many ways...we just get each other!!! I love her & I love her heart for the Lord. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. Wishing her big dreams & happy vibes! We managed to cram in 3 separate sessions while she was here: Colorado Cowgirl Countryside, Urban Southern Charm & Eclectic Hippie! Enjoy a peek at some of my faves...

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

So because Abby is my niece, of course she receives special "Senior Photoshoot" treatment!;) Meaning...this was part 2 & there will most likely be a part 3 & 4. Ha! But who doesn't love a girl with a sense of style & looks to boot! Here is another peek at some of Abby's Senior Session...this one was what we called "High-End Fashion" with a "frenchy edge."

{Carly--Sand Creek High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

LOVED working with Carly, just like I LOVED working with her sister, Shelby, a few years back & if you saw them side by side, you probably wouldn't know who was who? They aren't twins, just definite sisters & I just adore them both...and MOM, aka: Tammy; she's the BEST!!! Seriously though...they are each so fabulous to work with!!! Carly has the "it" factor as I like to call it. Looks, moves, smarts, she's got "it" all going on!;) We met at Monument Valley Park & ended in Downtown Colorado Springs for her 2hr. session. I think they were the perfect location choices for Carly. MVP highlighted her gorgeous green eyes with the green hues of August light in her cream t-shirt dress & fabulous hat accessory. I'm a sucker for hats!;) Downtown has it's own vibe; edgy, energy, eclectic & because Carly knows how to work the camera...I was in awe of giving little direction & just watching her in her element doing her thing. She just kept on impressing me throughout her session. Here is a snippet of the "it" factor at work.;)

{Jordan--Doherty High School Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Jordan...a true sweetheart with a gentle & quiet spirt, who is beautiful inside & out. I loved meeting & working with Jordan, her mom & bff. It was a great session from start to finish!!! We met at Bear Creek Regional Park & finished in Downtown Colorado Springs. I loved hearing about her love for sports; tennis & volley-ball in particular. She also volunteered as a Senior this year to help the underclassmen get comfortable in the High School setting. Told ya, total sweet-heart!!! I got a kick out of watching her & her bff, Olivia, tease one another & giggle; made for some great genuine smiles during her session. I hope you have an amazing Senior year, Jordan & best of luck to all of your future endeavors. =)