{Maddison: Air Academy High School Senior}--Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks mainly due to not having home internet for a while (ugh…talk about a pain in my tushy)!!! So, I’m back at it on this LONG (Daylight Savings) MONDAY!!! So sleepy, but trying to get caught up & wanted to post a few of my favorite Senior sessions from last summer. This was Maddison…gorgeous & shy (at first) with the most amazing hair EVER!!! We had so much fun connecting on so many different levels. We started in downtown Colorado Springs for some urban spots & ended at the Nature & Discover Center so we could get in shots of that amazing stone bridge where she daringly dipped her toes in the ice cold water. Eeeeek! Braver than I.;) Obsessed with so many images from her session. Take a peek at our summer morning together…

{The Johnson Family} Colorado Springs Lifestyle Family Photographer

So I may have ooohed & aaahed over Lisa (aka: Mom's) dress when she got out of her car. Literally. I loved it & then as her family began to disembark...I was freaking out...everyone looked AMAZING!!! Like spot on! I get sooo excited about fashion & when I family shows up so well put together, I MIGHT make a big deal out of it.;) This evening was memorable for several reasons. 1.) We just covered it.;) 2.) Their was a planned proposal at the Nature & Discovery Center the night we shot their session. I remember because their were two other photogs trying to capture it secretly for this young man & it just so happen to be sooooo very busy, that the soon to be fiance' was irritated they couldn't find a spot to be "alone." LOL!!! We tried to stay out of the way as much as possible, but there are only so many places to go (if you've ever been here, you'll know what I mean). Anyway...he was eventually able to pop the question because we saw them again on the way out & his fiance' was beaming ear to ear and looking at her ring!!! I have such a fun job...I get to witness all kinds of craziness out and about in this world.

BUT...back to the Johnson Family. They rocked their session from start to finish. Check it out...

{Anna: Lewis Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Anna's Session was so unique to her...she had a specific vision in mind & thanks to her persistence in finding EXACTLY the location she wanted, her pictures turned out STUNNING! Almost as stunning as she looked. I loved her wardrobe choices & her lipstick accompaniment.;) I know sounds funny to say, but I love a dark red lip & Anna rocked it like nobody I know! We decided on Starsmore Discovery Nature Center because she wanted water & not just any water, but a bridge. Well, her opening shot (literally first frame out of the camera) barefoot on the rock was practically historical ( I have been asked by so many people, where this shot was taken it's laughable). Way to make yourself & your spot famous, Anna!!! I agree, she makes it look just gorgeous. I went back several other times throughout Senior Season & each time it had a different feel, but I happen to love how lush & green & full it was during your session girly! Take a peek at her gorgeous pictures on an unbelievably perfect evening.