{Jack: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Jack...Jack...Jack. He made me laugh during his entire session & not in the obvious crack jokes kind of way. He just had this subtle, underlying, funny about him. I don't really know how to explain it. One of the nicest guys I had the pleasure of working with over the summer. Genuine, respectful, smart...all around NICE GUY. When I think back to his session, he started out nervous...to be expected. For most people, this is their first time getting profession pictures taken. They don't know what to expect, how it's going to go, where to put their hands, how to stand, etc. But that is what I am for. It's my job. To tell you how to stand, where to put your hands, what facial expression to convey (I paint a picture...trust me...ha!) & most of all...HAVE FUN!!! By the end of Jack's Senior Experience he was having a blast. I remember his natural smile, his coy attitude & feeling very confident in his every stance. I loved his last set the best because we played around with his ensemble (a plain hoodie). You'd be surprised what I can come up with.;) Take a peek at our adventure on Mnt. Herman Rd. Dog Pond as well as Dirty Woman Creek Park...

{Porter: Palmer Ridge High School} Colorado Springs High School Photographer

Porter is a gentle giant. Yep...he could be intimidating to some based on his stature alone, but once you get to know him, you realize he's sweet like a teddy-bear & wouldn't hurt a fly. Just like most males, I had to work EXTRA hard to get some real smiles, but I did it & I'm proud to say "mom approved." =) Donna, who I now refer to as my Dentist Office Receptionist, had some great location ideas located along the Santa Fe Trail. I was eager to be inspired as I love shooting at new locations and had never shot here before even though I live close by. Unfortunately I did not dress weather-appropriately as it was a cold, drizzly day for August & my feet nearly froze off as they were soaking the entire 2 hours of Porter's session. I literally had to buy a hot Starbucks on my way home to de-frost. Crazy Colorado weather; always unpredictable. Keeps things interesting I guess.;) Here's a peek at Porter's Session...

{Katie: Liberty High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

So, the hubby is out of town again & I'm super behind on blogging...this seemed like as good of a night as any to play "catch up." 

Meet Katie...Liberty High School Senior, Graduating Class of 2018. I remember this summery session so well (which I know some of you are thinking, "really? YOU remember?"Only because I have a bad memory. But the funny thing about my memory is...I have a terrible short term, but awesome long term. Ha! So...since this session was 6 months ago...I remember very well. ;)) Katie showed up in this fuchsia sundress, wavy beach hair, beautiful smile & was ready to go! Nervous, but excited; as are most girls btw. I loved working with Katie & her mom. They were easy-to-please & easy-going...just how I like them. We met at Monument Valley Park & it was August...everything was lush and soooo GREEN. Which worked out to her benefit (& mine) because she has the most amazing GREEN EYES!!! Yep! They were amazing to photograph. I loved her wardrobe choices & felt like they played into the location perfectly. I was able to capture her serious side as well as playful/flirtatious side. I adored working with you Katie & I hope you are having a fabulous Senior Year...just think, you are now only months away from graduation! Ack...that's crazy & exciting & the world awaits you!!! 

{Braden: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colordo Springs High School Senior Photographer

I might be just a tad bit behind on blogging these days...so bare with me.=) This is Braden. He is a shy & sweet young man with killer Tennis skills & eyes that'll turn heads. We had a great time during his Senior Session...laughing at me making a moron out of myself (the usual) & making small talk while capturing his true personality in every frame. We started at some tennis courts in Palmer Lake where he sometimes has the occasional game/practice & ended at Palmer Lake by the water front which always makes for beautiful scenery year round. Enjoy a peek at Braden's Senior Session.

{Aubrey: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado H.S. Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Aubrey.

She seriously has the MOST contagious SMILE I have ever seen! No lie...I kept grinning ear to ear while taking her pics. =) She chose The classic Broadmoor Hotel for her location and I'm so glad she did because it turns out it was the perfect spot for her floral dress with their beautifully blooming gardens. Of course The Broadmoor Hotel never disappoints. They were also decked out from head to toe in Patriotic Flags which happened to coordinate with Aubrey's other outfit choice...navy blues & whites with a touch of red. I had a blast getting to know this smart young lady who clearly has a bright future ahead of her!!! But currently she is excited to get her Senior year under way & continue to run cross country (I mean...no surprise there...look at those long legs)!!! Enjoy a peek from her Senior Session...

{Lauren: Spectrum High School Senior} Colorado Springs Senior Portrait Photographer

Lauren is yet another gorgeous niece of mine who also happens to be a High School Senior next year. She lives in MN, but wanted the CO mountains as her backdrop, so while her & the fam were out visiting in early June, we made some time to capture this big milestone. We had a blast together because DUH! she's like my #spiritanimal. LOL!!! Seriously though...my sister & I joke that we got the wrong kids. Lauren is like me in so many ways...we just get each other!!! I love her & I love her heart for the Lord. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. Wishing her big dreams & happy vibes! We managed to cram in 3 separate sessions while she was here: Colorado Cowgirl Countryside, Urban Southern Charm & Eclectic Hippie! Enjoy a peek at some of my faves...

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

So because Abby is my niece, of course she receives special "Senior Photoshoot" treatment!;) Meaning...this was part 2 & there will most likely be a part 3 & 4. Ha! But who doesn't love a girl with a sense of style & looks to boot! Here is another peek at some of Abby's Senior Session...this one was what we called "High-End Fashion" with a "frenchy edge."

{Luke: Pella High School Senior} Travel Session!!! Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Luke. Contagious Smirk, Adorable Dimples, Charming Eyes, Super Swag, Seriously Thoughtful, Suspiciously Shy, Ridiculously Smart. Luke. He also just happens to be my nephew. I love this kid & the fact that he's going to be a High School Senior next year, well...it blows my mind! I love being an aunt to so many nieces & nephews, but I hate seeing them grow up so fast!!! Just reminds me that I'm aging too! LOL!!!

We just took a whirlwind weekend trip to Iowa & Minnesota this last weekend for several reasons: 1.) To take Luke's Senior Pics.

2.) To attend my hubby's cousin's Wedding Reception.

3.) To take some college friend's family pictures.

4.) To visit family & friends.

Like I said...it was a whirlwind of a weekend. Sheesh! We left on Thursday @ 5:00pm & arrived in Iowa Friday Morning (early). Left MN @ 4:00am on Monday morning. Yep...we are crazy like that! We have always been road-trippers, but that's a whole 'nother post.;)

I was so inspired during Luke's entire session. His girlfriend's grandparents were so kind to give us access to their beautiful farmland property. It just so happen to overlook a HUGE lake & be filled with rustic treasures & old, tattered barns...the kind that get me giddy! =)

Here is a peek at our Rural Farm-Style Senior Spring Session. Oh & there might be a pic or two of Luke & McKenna together (his girlfriend)...they are too cute for words...

{Abby: Palmer Ridge High School Senior--part 1} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

This is my beautiful niece, Abby who just so happens to be an upcoming Senior at Palmer Ridge High School in Monument. We decided to get an early Spring start on Abby's Senior pictures because well...we all know how busy summer gets & my schedule fills up sooo fast!!! We did a boho style session at Red Rock Canyon Open Space to start out & oh my my was the lighting & location absolutely perfect!!! Abby rocked her session from her hair, make-up down to her fabulous wardrobe/jewelry. We have another 1 or 2 mini-sessions planned to fit in all the looks she's wanting to accomplish!!! So happy with the way this first set turned out. Here is a peek at our time together...

{Kirsten--Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Kirsten has one of the most contagious smiles I have ever seen. True, genuine sweetness with dimples & sparkly dancing eyes that will light up a room. I met her & her mom up at the Red Barn near Castle Rock on this sunny, windy morning. I immediately began chatting up a storm...it was apparent my coffee had done the trick.;) Unfortunately I needed all the coffee & sleep I could get last week as I was battling the nastiest cold I have ever had in my 38 years. I mean, hands down...awful. I felt terrible blowing my nose ever 30 seconds during her session, but she was so polite & understanding. I powered through a busy week of sessions with the Lord's grace/strength. I was delighted by the numerous shots I fell in love with from Kirsten's session. The colors were just starting to pop & it was so fun to catch glimpses of that in her photos. Here is a peek...

{Sam--Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Sam, Sam, Sam...

I had a phenomenal time with Sam & his Mom!!! Ya never quite know what to expect with High School Senior guys?! Sam started out a little reserved & quiet, but easy to please & followed direction well. It wasn't until the first few frames in & Sam's mom and I noticed that his SMILE was NOT quite genuine, but more just plastered on. Or if those of you that watch "Friends" remember The Chandler Episode when he & Monica went to have couple's engagement pics done...it basically looked like that. LOL!!! So, Melissa quickly thought on her toes & came up with something she KNEW without a shadow of a doubt would produce the a genuine laugh/smile if nothing else. She shouted it out (of which I won't repeat) & it worked like a charm!!! I laughed till I cried as we both continued to holler it at him throughout the course of his session. I seriously love his smile/laughter shots soo soo much, but I will say; the series of serious shots are out of this WORLD!!! Some of my favorite male shots to date!!! I just love them. So without further ado...here's a glimpse...

{Carly--Sand Creek High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

LOVED working with Carly, just like I LOVED working with her sister, Shelby, a few years back & if you saw them side by side, you probably wouldn't know who was who? They aren't twins, just definite sisters & I just adore them both...and MOM, aka: Tammy; she's the BEST!!! Seriously though...they are each so fabulous to work with!!! Carly has the "it" factor as I like to call it. Looks, moves, smarts, she's got "it" all going on!;) We met at Monument Valley Park & ended in Downtown Colorado Springs for her 2hr. session. I think they were the perfect location choices for Carly. MVP highlighted her gorgeous green eyes with the green hues of August light in her cream t-shirt dress & fabulous hat accessory. I'm a sucker for hats!;) Downtown has it's own vibe; edgy, energy, eclectic & because Carly knows how to work the camera...I was in awe of giving little direction & just watching her in her element doing her thing. She just kept on impressing me throughout her session. Here is a snippet of the "it" factor at work.;)

{Gabrielle--Palmer High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

This sweet gorgeous girl is not all sunshine & roses...she also has a super bad-#$% tough side to her. In fact when I met her at The Broadmoor Hotel for her first location of shooting, she had on this lace feminine cream dress & I was all "ahhh..." then she pointed to her arms & legs that were profusely covered in scratches & bruises and I was all, "What the heck is that from???" You see she just so happens to play la-cross at her school & ROCKS at it!!! She is tough as nails with the bumps/bruises to prove it. Of course I was the only one who will be seeing those, because DUH...these ARE her Senior pictures so of course I edited them out!!! =) But you'll just have to believe me. This girl has a sweet & beautiful exterior, a heart of gold & yet is a tough, down to earth competitor. I just LOVED that about her!!! I feel like it gave her spunk & spirit & it showed in all of her images. She has this fierce look in her urban wear that is hard to compete with, but also a sweet, soft angelic side in her feminine lace dress that killed it. She was beyond AMAZING to work with & I'm thrilled she chose ME as her Senior Photographer. I hope you have a fabulous Senior year Gabby and best of luck to you in your future plans!!! Here is a peek at our time together...

{Mason--Palmer Ridge High School Senior} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Wow...I'm a bit behind on blogging!!! Oops! Ha!

This is Mason. Isn't he easy on the eyes?!=) Mason loves the camera & the camera loves him. He's not just good looks, he's also very intelligent, athletic & has plans to be a pilot. Soo soo cool. Ironically Mason's mom is the principal at Antelope Trails Elementary School; where my kiddos went to school for 6 years!!! I love what a small world it is...she didn't even know who I was until we got chatting via e-mails. Laura is such a sweet, involved mama & wants the best for her son. We decided on The Broadmoor Hotel & Bear Creek Regional Park for his pictures & we got a beautiful sunny summer day. We ended with a few favorite pics with him & his girlfriend, Aly. (Whom you might recognize as one of the Twins I also took Senior pics for earlier in the summer). Small world indeed! =)  I know his future looks bright & mom and dad are PROUD!!! I hope you have an awesome Senior year at Palmer Ridge High School Mason!!! Congrats in advance. =) Here is a peek at his session...



...& some of the cute couple. High School Sweethearts!!!=)

{Seth--Lewis Palmer High School Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Seth is the son of my Body Combat instructor from the YMCA. Funny thing about connections. I hadn't seen Seth in 5 years (to the day in fact). I had the honor of taking Amy & Redge's Wedding photos 5 years ago to the day I took Seth's Senior Pics...so to say he's matured, grown & changed would be an understatement. He's certainly a delightful young man to be around. Happiest kid I've ever met I think. THAT SMILE you see; that NEVER goes away *unless instructed by me.* HA!!! He's seriously has the most contagious smile & I believe because it is so genuine. He is just a happy guy & has a bright spirit. It was my absolute pleasure to take his photos because it was nothing short of enjoyable & fun!!! Not only is he a complete natural in front of the camera, but posing came so easy to him. Super photogenic & easy to please. The only thing I regret is not having more time with him due to poor lighting from a storm that just blew over shortly before we shot. I'm glad to have snuck in a few of that gorgeous sunset as it dropped behind the mountains though...the most amazing oranges & yellows. Stunning! Seth I wish the best of luck to you in your Senior year & beyond!!! Thanks for being so awesome to work. =)

{Jordan--Doherty High School Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Jordan...a true sweetheart with a gentle & quiet spirt, who is beautiful inside & out. I loved meeting & working with Jordan, her mom & bff. It was a great session from start to finish!!! We met at Bear Creek Regional Park & finished in Downtown Colorado Springs. I loved hearing about her love for sports; tennis & volley-ball in particular. She also volunteered as a Senior this year to help the underclassmen get comfortable in the High School setting. Told ya, total sweet-heart!!! I got a kick out of watching her & her bff, Olivia, tease one another & giggle; made for some great genuine smiles during her session. I hope you have an amazing Senior year, Jordan & best of luck to all of your future endeavors. =)

{Ally & Sean--TWINS--Palmer Ridge High School Seniors) Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

TWINS...they are so much fun & so different yet similar. In this particular case, they are High School Seniors (guy/gal). Apparently, Aly is older than Sean by 1 minute. Ha! I laugh because that is so funny to me & I may or may not have teased Sean about it. Some of my favorite images from their combined session were the pictures of them together (brother & sister). I just love the banter they gave each other & I feel like I was able to capture some of that for Michele. (AKA: mom). What a fun morning/afternoon of shooting it was. I hope you both have an amazing Senior year of High School & love all of your photos!!! Here is a peek...

{Sarah--TCA H.S. Senior--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I just adored meeting Sarah. She is sweet, smart, social, sensitive & stunning!!! Really, such a gem to work with. She was up for any crazy idea I had...like tip-toeing through the creek barefoot just to get a few good shots.=) I adored her sense of fashion & her love for volleyball. I have a feeling with those long muscular legs, she is quite the spiker on the court & I would love to watch her play!!! I hope you have the MOST amazing Senior year Sarah & that you thoroughly enjoy learning more about meteorology!!! Oh & one last thing...for those of you that are fans of the show "The Bachelor" I found Sarah's doppelganger...it's Becca from Season 20 (Chris was the Bachelor). Just thought I'd share.;) I posted a side by side on my Instagram Photography account if you follow me, you can check it out over there. I love when I have "celebrity-look-alikes" for my Seniors. It's so fun!!! In past years I have had a Kiera Knightly, James Van Der Beek. I love my job!!! Ha! Enjoy a peek at Sarah's Session...



{Spencer--Palmer Ridge H.S.--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

Spencer decided on a business suit to show off his professional side & of course a casual outfit because he's not ALWAYS business.;) We met at The Broadmoor Hotel because it has great morning light on the east side of the building & he wanted some professional headshots. It was fun to hear about Spencer's interests & all of the clubs he's active in as well as his passion for chess & piano. I even got to hear him play...I was seriously impressed!!! Spencer plans to study in the field of Science. I cannot recall the specific kind, but I have no doubt he will excel in that area of study. Best of luck to you Spencer...I hope you have an amazing Senior year of High School. Finish STRONG!!!

{Caleb--Palmer Ridge H.S.--Class of 2017} Colorado Springs High School Senior Photographer

I am a lucky girl for many reasons, but one of them is that I am a proud aunt that gets the opportunity (pretty often in fact) to take my nephew/nieces Senior Photos!!! You see I have three amazing older sisters & lots of nieces & nephews who I am so so so proud of. I just love watching them change & grow. It's crazy to think that ANOTHER one is about to begin his Senior year of High School!!!?!! Where does the time go? I can remember Caleb at age: 2 clear as day. Bright blue eyes, toe-head blonde, smile as big as they come & a sweet spirit that would make your heart smile!!! I could go on & on, but instead of mushing & gushing, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy a peek at a few of his different wardrobe changes/locations. There will be more to add to this session later, but for now...

P.S. I think he's a STUD!!! =)